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Andy Twemlow

Andy Twemlow (Mr T) has had a great love of aviation since childhood and in his younger years often cycled a round trip of 28 miles to watch flying activities at Dunkeswell. Andy has now gone full circle with the serial entrepreneur setting up his latest business AT Aviation sales at Dunkeswell.

Following the sale of his office automation business in 2010, Andy retired from his last sporting activity of offshore powerboat racing to pursue his desire to fly. Gaining his PPL in 2012 Andy has logged over 500 hours in little over 2 years. He has flown over 40 types from a 1941 Stearman to machines such as Piper’s high performance ‘Matrix’.

2014-11-30 10.00.39-1Since the summer of 2014 Andy has been mentored by Simon Wilson, developing his tail wheel and aerobatic skills and can often be seen (or heard) flying one of his collection in the overhead at Dunkeswell.

Andy purchased the first of the Team’s aircraft in the middle of France in early 2014 and his baptism in aerobatics started when the Aircraft’s former owner ‘Jean Paul’, a retired French fighter pilot in his 73rd year took Andy on his first real aerobatic sortie. (Do see the attached video titled Mr T’s aerobatic baptism) Needless to say our founder was hooked – little surprise Andy’s drive and passion is behind the Czech Mates foundation and concept.

AT Aviation is a supplier of a wide variety of classic and GA aircraft it also owns the restoration business

Sky4 Aviation who provided technical support to our owners fleet which the team display.

Along with our current asset list of Aircraft available for display include for 2016

The Stamp formation pair – Currently under restoration
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