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The team capitalises on the Zlin’s graceful handling qualities with a flowing and graceful formation aerobatic display. After a number of formation aerobatic formation manoeuvres have been completed, including a mirror pass, the team split briefly to allow the single seat Zlin 526AFS to demonstrate some of the more advanced aerobatic manoeuvres the Zlin is capable of. The pair then rejoin for a classic topside pass before completing the display. The unique growl of the six-cylinder injected engine gives it the sound of a small warbird, turning heads skyward as it passes. Combined with the rarity of Zlin aircraft in the UK, we will bring a unique display item to your event that will be sure to capture the imagination of your audience. A typical formation display lasts for 10 minutes but can be adjusted on request.

The Stearman display consists of smooth, graceful, looping and rolling figures combined with a number of passes and wingovers demonstrating the aircraft to the audience from numerous angles. The Stearman is available as a single act however if you wish it to appear in conjunction with another act at your display, please enquire with us and we will do our best to accommodate requests. A typical Stearman display lasts for 6 minutes but can be adjusted on request.

Occasionally we have other aircraft available for displays. We will list them on our website as they become available.

To arrange a quote for The Czech Mates or Stearman to display at your event please email using our online form here