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Steve Robson

Steve Robson As a small boy Steve watched an RAF jet fighter take-off for its display at an air show and from that moment onward he knew was going to learn to fly. Steve joined the Royal Marines in 1978 but not as a pilot, however he was able to experience flight in many different types of military aircraft and occasionally jumped out of a few of them!

Steve-RobsonFollowing his lifelong ambition and passion he learned to fly in gliders in the 1980s where he was awarded his Bronze and Silver ‘C’ gliding award and thereafter went on to train as an Air Experience Instructor.

Following a 2 year stint in the jungles of Borneo he embarked on his PPL training at Swanton Morley in Norfolk and gained his PPL in 1991. It was at this point where he became interested in what was then the Popular Flaying Association (now the Light Aircraft Association (LAA)) and his first aircraft was a homebuilt Evans VP1 powered by a Volkswagen Beetle engine! Thereafter he went on to own and subsequently fully restore a Rollason Condor D62B aircraft. Operating from short and challenging grass airstrips became a fascination where he learned the skills needed to operate safely from farm strips.

As a ‘grass roots aviator’ Steve has a long association with the LAA and served on the Executive Committee. Over many years he has amassed many hours on a wide variety of LAA homebuilt and vintage aircraft as well as certified types, mostly tail draggers.

Always keen to learn and develop new flying skills he took up the challenge of flying aerobatics in his latest steed, a Vans RV4. Gaining a Display Authorisation he has flown displays at a number of events and shows.

Steve was delighted to be invited to join the Czech Mates Display Team for the 2015 season.